giving back

God desires us to be good stewards of the material resources He has entrusted to us. In reponse to Christ’s abundant giving, we increasingly submit our resources to His Lordship and display a spirit of generosity and cheerfulness in supporting the work of the church and charities with our giving. 

 A portion of the proceeds of every item purchased supports many causes in addition to our Home Church – including the one below.  


What started as a mom’s grief and pain of losing her child, Linda redirected her energy and focus on reviving her passion and love for sport, education and social development of children at no cost to any child or their family. 

Linda now takes care and mentors 422 children and exert positive influence in the lives of what is now known as The Caitlin Jordan Foundation for Excellence for All. 

The Caitlin Jordan Foundation for Excellence for All have a holistic developmental approach in all children, focussing on addressing all aspects of the needs of a child’s life; physical, creative, spiritual, emotional, relational and intellectual. 

The Foundation seek to promote development through sport, social and educational programs within all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in order to give equal opportunity to all. 

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